Lesbian Nampa (Pick-Up) 6

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From another video than the first five, so a different seductress, but more of the same great young naive Japanese bi curious type friends cajoled into getting naked and naughty.

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  1. Wow, Eri is so cute <3

  2. beautiful girls… awesome!!!!!

  3. One of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. Wish the one girl would have let the other play with her pussy – that would have made it perfect in my book. Awesome nonetheless. THANKS!

  4. Eri is absolutely adorable, and Tomoe is very cute as well, and they are quite shy, but they really get into each other and seem to enjoy it. However they were to shy to take it any further. Very good.

  5. so hot. commercial porn. Therfore no real joy and no real passion. But hot story.

  6. Thank you for this very sensual slow seduction of 2 straight young girls. I love this series. Thanks. Tom

  7. Wonderful, beautiful girls, shy at first but soon enjoyed each others bodies, very sexy, sensual and erotic as they explored each other. Nice post :)…

  8. Now if only we could get some subtitles! 😛
    Off-screen, of course; wouldn’t want to cover any important bits 😉

  9. cum on this is a porn site, lick some pussy, and the best tits we didn´t saw

  10. Japenese lesbian is hot!

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