Selling gf to an ebony guy

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This pervert knows his girlfriend has a crush on some athletic ebony guy and uses this to talk her into having sex with that rich dude for cash.

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  1. nice tits!

  2. Selling your wife or gf to be used as a slut is so strong an idea…

  3. would love to hire him for my girl

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Nice hard fuck

  6. well done 🙂

  7. quasi quasi lo faccio 😛

  8. OOooo nipples like her turns me on 🙂

  9. the black gentleman has been in other adult vids. this is staged, but still nice.

  10. who is the ebony?

  11. 🙂 yeap. interracial

  12. Great! Sexy Girl with hot Body

  13. my mixed friend in japan use to get laid all the time because a. he know japanese very well and b, he was mixed black guy, they just loved him! lol. this guy will do well!

  14. une bonne baise !

  15. hummmm jolie pute !!

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