Sex Crazed Alien From Outer Space

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Another sex crazed alien from outer space. She has got to be an alien, human girls don’t need sex that much. hell her eyes spun around and steam came out her ears. Dum really fucking needed sex

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  1. she is creepy..

  2. Damn you are cute! And you have a really sweet ass. Forgive me for being so bold but I checked out your page.

  3. Damn yaba hoes! Doing that dirty caffeine laced stuff must really drain your brain… She looks like she can handle the pounding though! I mean its not like theyre frail just because theyre small 😛

  4. Lol its funny that people think they would be any different that a normal woman.

  5. He should have made her lick the cum up off the floor

  6. She looks like she has LD

  7. 10/10 I hope she got paid good
    She made me forget about my life for about ten minutes lol

  8. You know I used to have the same bigoted, ignorant (literally) views about Asian women until I got to know some, intimately. Many of these ladies are some of the most charming and good-natured people you’d ever meet. No, most of them don’t have big tits and asses, but believe me, there all woman.

  9. yes flat chested


  11. Like fucking a 10 year old boy.

  12. excellent need one like her

  13. she born to fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sexmaschine

  14. I seriously need to spend a weekend with that little sexpot

  15. we wunt zum zeriouz queef !

  16. Drugged out of her mind and “Fuck” he BB and creampied her idiot!

  17. Drugged out for sure. Too bad. She might be fun. Take her top off.

  18. aliens make the best hoes gotta love her

  19. love to try her

  20. Crasy eyes, but sweet lips))

  21. Her face at the beginning, omfg xD

  22. You would have to be on drugs or be drunk to be with these lame assholes

  23. She’s so perky!

  24. Maybe she just needs her glasses lol

  25. Terrible to watch! Drunk or a drug addict?

  26. Drunk drug bitch omg

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